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Hiya Berenice,

How have you been?!

I have some exciting news….!!!! I took that audition and guess what?! I AM THE SECTION LEADER for the [...] !! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for having believed in me and for having helped me navigate through my negative thoughts! You made me feel like a super hero after every single session and I felt like there was nothing I couldn’t achieve! I am so excited and thrilled for what’s ahead! Thank you for restoring my confidence and for renewing my love for performing!


Tiago, Violinist

Dear Berenice,

Just a little update to let you know just how impactful your sessions have been and how grateful I am for your coaching…

A few days ago, I decided to practise in public: I played through the Dvorak concerto in the foyer of the theatre here. When I was done I was approached by a music producer. They commented on having been drawn to the confident intimacy of my playing and in short we’re now discussing collaboration!  I know this would never have happened hadn’t you helped me with my confidence and focus.

So thank you once again for always listening and understanding from a place only a fellow musician can. I will keep you updated on how the project unfolds!

Hannes, Cellist

I am a concert pianist and it happens often to me that I have problems with anxiety during my performances.


I just had 5 sessions with Berenice in April and May and I have to say they help me alot! It's so good to find someone who exactly knows what youre talking about in case of stage anxiety and someone who can tell you how to beat that.


I recommend those sessions! I felt already motivated and confident right after our sessions and they also showed me in which areas I have work to be able to beat this stage stress. highly recommend and looking forward for more sessions and more work on myself.

Przemo, Pianist

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