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Performance GURU

Performance Consultant, Researcher, Violinist, Lecturer

Berenice Beverley Zammit is a Performance Consultant and Coach, researcher, lecturer and professional violinist.

Berenice works with various performing artists (in particular musicians, dancers, actors and musical theatre performers) and non-artist performers (including athletes, tv and radio presenters, and public speakers) on mental and physical strategies which optimise performance. These include, but are not exclusive to, pre-performance routines, performance anxiety, visualisation, confidence, motivation, physical activity and exercise, vocal health, and injury prevention, especially for orchestral players and conductors. 

As a consultant, Berenice's work extends to orchestras and smaller ensembles on areas relating to ensemble practice, and general health and wellbeing. Her work with musicians also includes one-to-one instrumental/voice sessions whereby performers are given the opportunity to work directly with her on effective practice strategies that will help optimise their performance. Berenice also delivers in-person, as well as online, talks and workshops on performance enhancement. 

Berenice lectures in Performance Science, Dance Science, Performance Psychology, Music Psychology and Research Methods. She has also lectured in Performing Arts in Health and Wellbeing, and Performance Education. Her PhD at the Royal College of Music (RCM) investigated performance optimisation through pre-performance routines and strategies in professional musicians.  Berenice is also a researcher at the RCM.


Berenice's research findings have been presented at the International Symposium for Performance Science (ISPS) 2023, Warsaw; ISPS 2021, Montreal; KVNM/RMA Postgraduate Symposium 2021, Amsterdam; SMI/ICTM-IE Postgraduate Conference 2021, Limerick; ISPS 2019 in Melbourne.  Her publications can be found here.  

Berenice is a member of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and forms part of various other ensembles as a freelancer.  She is also a  violin tutor and is an RCM verified teacher. Berenice is often commissioned to write for The Strad.  

Between performing and coaching Berenice loves spending her time in sports: running, swimming, kayaking, sailing!  


Berenice Beverley Zammit - Performance Consultant and Researcher in Pre-Performance Routines in Professional Classical Musicians
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